Every business and economic enterprise at every stage of the growth path needs coherent programs with logical and scientific continuity. Due to current economic situation, transmission of customer buying behavior, changing creation trends and raise of business equities, business activities without modern designs are very risky and costly. Business development consulting begins with a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the principles of the organization and business activity, monitoring trends and evaluating mechanisms are very important principles in the consulting process.

After monitoring and recognizing, developing and implementing marketing and brand strategic plans, is another consulting service that ensures the health and development of business. We are with you In the  business team to create methods and same values that make our business path, smoother and more valuable. Providing business management consulting services in  Group is provided and implemented in two levels. 1- Comprehensive business management consulting services 2- Management consulting services in the areas of: * Marketing management and business development * Branding Comprehensive consulting services fully examine the state of the business from different perspectives and take steps to create, improve, upgrade and optimally manage the various elements necessary for that business. Today, this level of service named 360-degree consulting services.  Business Advisors Group starts their work in this level of services by formulating and implementing a cognition and diagnosis program called, Phase Zero. All scientific and executive approaches in the group’s action plan are based on the latest scientific models in the disciplines of management, marketing, advertising, branding and public relations, which is one of the most important variables in the digital age. In the second phase, a comprehensive research program will run. In the continuation of the plan, all activities will use from the research phase and the resulting insights. The development of concepts and the improvement of the performance level of the actions are due to the insight and awareness obtained from quantitative and qualitative research, which shows the necessity of carrying out this phase of management consulting operations. In completing the previous phase, appropriate marketing research of the industry and the activity in question is done in full detail so that the output of this phase is mixed marketing appropriate based on strategies that in the next phase is marketing plan mapping and more comprehensive business plan , The strategic managers of the project leadership team. Throughout the implementation of the plans, the scientific approach of brand identity managing is effective variable of activities in order to analyze and develop the business in such a way that the knowledge of branding add to the thematic and operational richness of the work to be available for Branding services, brand strategy development, brand visual identity, brand campaigns and digital branding.


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